How to install AnchorCMS on cPanel Linux server?

AnchorCMS is an Modern Lightweight blogging application. Anchor CMS is an alternate web application for Wordpress, Joomla, Ghost CMS and Blogger. This is an Open source license under GPLv3, so we will use for personal blogging, small and medium sized organizations. AnchorCMS to be simple, easy to Manage and Maintenance. Here the helphin guide will teach you how to install AnchorCMS on cPanel Linux hosting for your Blogging.

How to install OwnCloud on cPanel Linux server?

Most of the people stored their large amount data’s in Google Drive, Dropbox, and other cloud storage sites. Google and Dropbox offer a free account with small storage space. If you want to access, share and send the data’s to the user with your own server then you can try OwnCloud. OwnCloud software is Open source self-hosted cloud storage application. You can access, synchronize and sharing your data, under your control.
This Helphin guide will teach you how to install OwnCloud application on cPanel Linux server for your personal or business purpose.