How to send a campaign/mail in PHPLIST?

When you run a website or e-commerce site you should send a mail like newsletter or marketing email to communicate your subscribers. campaigns are mail that send to a group of subscribers of one or more lists. In this helphin guide will show you how to send a campaign for newsletter subscribers.

How to install phplist on cpanel linux hosting?

Phplist is a software that designed for managing mailing list, such as newsletters, advertisements and marketing emails for websites. Phplist is an free and open source software. Phplist written in PHP language and works with mysql database. Phplist allows you to use it for your personal and corporate usage. you can send a newsletter mails or marketing emails to large numbers of subscribers. This Helphin will guide you how to install phplist on cPanel linux hosting?. If you have a website or blogging site this helphin will useful for you.